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Passata Rustica Crushed Tomatoes - Organic

Passata Rustica Crushed Tomatoes - Organic

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Our Organic Passata Rustica is a superior tomato base made from the highest quality organic tomatoes and basil, hand-picked and ripened under the beautiful Italian sun. The tomatoes are skinned, crushed and sieved to remove the seeds, leaving only the most succulent parts of the tomato. Passata is the key ingredient in many pasta sauces, and also makes an excellent base for pizzas, curries and soups.

Organic Tomato (100%).

Nutritional Information: (Av per 100g)
Energy (kj): 137
Protein (g): 1.3
Fat Total (g):<1
Fat Saturated (g): <1
Carbohydrate (g): 6
Sugars (g): 5.1
Sodium (mg): 118

Country of Origin: Italy.

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