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Yoghurt Chocolate Collection (Various - Special Order)

Yoghurt Chocolate Collection (Various - Special Order)

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From a local boutique chocolate manufacturer, this collection of yoghurt treats will be sure to delight - perfect as a gift for yourself or someone else!

*Contact us for pricing!

The collection includes...
- Yoghurt coated apricots (5kg box)
- Yoghurt coated banana (5kg box)
- Yoghurt coated ginger (5kg box)
- Yoghurt coated honeycomb (4kg box)
- Yoghurt coated chunky black licorice (5kg box)
- Yoghurt coated chunky raspberry licorice (5kg box)
- Yoghurt coated mango (5kg box)
- Yoghurt coated prunes (5kg box)
- Yoghurt coated pretzels (4kg box)
- Yoghurt coated strawberry bites (5kg box)
- Yoghurt coconut rough (slab or clusters - 5kg box)
- Yoghurt frogs (5kg box)

Country of Origin: Local and imported.

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