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Apple Cider "Honeygar" (Goulters) REDUCED TO CLEAR!!!*

Apple Cider "Honeygar" (Goulters) REDUCED TO CLEAR!!!*

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100% Organic and made from only 3 ingredients which are all sourced from the Top of New Zealand’s South Island. Goulter’s Honeygar contains a delicious mix of Apple Cider Vinegar, Manuka Honey MGO120+ and Honeydew Honey. Each individual ingredient is already well-known for its health benefits.
Honeygar can be effective in creating a healthier digestive system. Because of this it may prevent colds & flu and help you recover faster. It may also support healthier skin, nails and hair.
It may also support regularity of bowels, weight reduction and resolve water retention issues.

*Best before Aug 2023

Organic apple cider vinegar, Organic Manuka Honey MGO120+, Organic Honeydew Honey, water.

Nutritional Information: (Av per 100g)
Energy (kj): 192
Protein (g): 0.1
Fat Trans (g): <0.02
Fat Saturated (g): <0.02
Carbohydrate (g): 11.3
Sugars (m/m): 9.98%
Sodium (mg): 5.86
Acetic Acid (%): 5.8-6.3
Potassium (mg): 118
Magnesium (mg): 4.4
Phosphorus (mg): 15.5

No GMO. No added preservatives.

Country of Origin: New Zealand.

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